Basic Lawn Mower Repair Safety Tips

Basic Lawn Mower Repair Safety Tips:
Everything in this world should be done in a safety manner to prevent any accidents and unnecessary problems in the future. Here are the basic lawn mower repair safety tips for you to read and follow:
1. Always work in a well – ventilated are when repairing your gasoline engines.
2. When you drain the old gas, you have to transfer it to a container and store it properly until you can it already. Make sure that you dispose the gas in an environmental, friendly manner. When storing it, only use approved gas containers. There are plastic containers out there that are not safe for gas content.
3. Never ever run the gasoline engine in a confined space for it will poison you with carbon monoxide gas which is emitted from the exhaust of the engine.
4. Turn off the engine when you are filling your lawn mower with gas. Let the engine cool down before you refuel it to avoid it to ignite.
5. Avoid going near the spark plug wire when the lawn mower engine is running.

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