The Ideal Healthy Plate

For us adults, we can use this “ideal healthy plate” as a guide for our main meal. This means that 1/2 of your plate is vegetables, 1/4 is lean protein, and 1/4 is carbohydrates.

What are the food samples for these three categories:

For carbohydrates,this includes pasta, rice, noodles, bread, and starchy vegetables such as potato, taro,and sweet potato. If possible, try to choose low GI and wholegrain varieties.

For vegetable or salad, you can have all non-starchy vegetables such as salad vegetables, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, spinach, silverbeet, eggplant, celery, watercress, and leeks.

Lean protein includes lean meat, fish, skinless poultry, tofu, beans and eggs.

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