How to Manage a Busy Life as a Mom

Life can be incredibly busy and it feels like 24 hours is not enough in one day. If you are short of time and has loads of things to do, eating well can be a challenge. They key to success in busy times is being prepared, thinking ahead and having a plan. Here are some great ideas to help you in your busy life.

Eating Well at WORK:

  • Store healthy snacks (tuna, grainy crackers, soup, tubs of fruit in natural juice, plain popcorn, and apple) in your work drawer.
  • Keep a can of tuna handy at all times. It can be added to sandwich, crackers or in salads.
  • Save an extra portion of dinner the night before and take it for lunch the next day.
  • Keep hydrated – have a bottle of water at your desk, aim to refill 3 times in the day.
  • If you can’t have breakfast in the morning before leaving for work, have your cereal and reduced fat milk at work. Add some sliced fruit for extra nutrition. 

Eating on the RUN:

  • Pack a chilly bag in the car with a healthy lunch.
  • Take a chilled or frozen bottle of water with you.
  • Always pull over to eat and park up for 5 minutes – enjoy your food.
  • Have healthy snacks in your car; low fat muesli bar, tubs or tins of fruit in natural juice, small portion bags of nuts/dried fruit, mini cans of creamed rice.
  • For lunch, choose sushi or freshly made sandwiches.

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