Hell’s Pizza: Chicken and Seafood

Last Friday, I was just not in the mood to cook anything and good thing that Hubby is craving for pizza. So we drove to Hell’s Pizza and bought Trouble double pizza and Underworld Pizza.

Ever wonder how it looks like in Hell? Now you know…. Hehehe! My 20 month old daughter got scared inside when she saw Death standing on the corner hahaha!


Have a look at the pizza box, isn’t it scary? Cool ei? Hahaha!


We ordered TROUBLE PIZZA: It has chicken, bacon, onions, and camembert. It’s truly a trouble maker.

This is UNDERGROUND PIZZA:  New Zealand Mussels, prawns, calamari, onions, olives, and cheese. It’s called underground but it tastes heavenly.

And what a lucky day it could be? We got a dessert pizza for FREE! Yahoo! It’s actually yum! It has apples, blueberries and custard. Yummo!

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