Fried Salmon Head

This is another last 2 minute meal. The original meal was supposed to be Sinigang na Salmon Head but when I was looking for the most important ingredient in making sinigang in the cupboard, I found out that… what the hell, there’s no sinigang mix in my kitchen haha! So, I asked Mr. G for recipes that can be done with salmon head and thanks to Mr. G for being so helpful. I learned that it can be grilled and/or fried and there are also some Asian recipes to make soups with or without noodles.

Obviously, I settled for fried salmon head. That’s the easiest way I could serve dinner before my hubby arrives. It’s really easy to do but I didn’t anticipate that salmon head is actually longer to cook when it’s fried than boiled. My family enjoyed this meal so much especially when it’s dip with worcestershire sauce or sashimi sauce.


oil for frying
4 salmon head, halfed
soy sauce


1. Marinade the fish for at least 30  minutes with all the ingredients except oil and the flour.
2. Cover the outer side of the fish witth flour to prevent from sticking tot he pan and to create a crunchy texture.

Share and enjoy with family and friends!!!

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