Chocolate Cake with Fondant Icing


I have a friend named Ellen whose second daughter Alexandra Isabelle or “Lexy” celebrated her Baptism 2 weeks ago. I am one of the chosen few who was fortunate to be her Godmother. The officiating priest which I believe is Fijian in ethnicity did a wonderful ceremony for us. He made sure that the Godparents know the roles of a true Godparent and that is to guide the child to the path of God. I enjoyed the ceremony myself though my kids are uncontrollably roaming around the church and pulling and tugging me because of boredom. But I know that they are excused for behaving like that because of uncertainties and new stimuli.

Anyway, as a Godmother who loves to bake, I offered to bake the cake for the celebration. I made super moist triple layered cake with pink fondant icing. Pardon on my presentation, it’s actually my second try to make a fondant cake but I think I’m not getting better or probably because of time constraints haha, (excuses). Anyway, I believe practice makes perfect so maybe on my second daughter’s birthday in November, I’ll be a better cake decorator hehehe or perhaps I’ll try to be one hahaha!

8 responses to “Chocolate Cake with Fondant Icing”

  1. awwww, that's so cute…am sure it tasted delicious, too! :)your sharing this delicious moist triple layered fondant cake over at Food Friday is much appreciated, Kate!have a happy weekend ahead! ♥


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