Mexican Dinner

It was our 177 months 2 days ago. Take your time to calculate it to years! And I see to it that every 14th of the month, we will celebrate it in a special way. I thought, spending our 177th month feels like our 177th day together. It’s still gigglish, so fresh and we’re still so in love. The spark never ends. We might have little problems now and then but the love kept us alive and kicking. I am grateful to God that he gave me the person who’s really meant for me. I love you heaps Bhe!

So, enough of the drama and the “love” thingy and let’s divert ourselves to food. I prepared Mexican dishes for dinner that night.

To start, we had Quesadillas. Sweet and soft flour tortillas with heaps of tasty cheese melts as a filling. Mmmmm, yum! The kids enjoyed it.

And we also had Nachos and Chili Beans. I used Doritos Nachos then topped it with Chili Beans and grated tasty cheese. I made two bowls separately; one with chili beans and the other one is with plain beef mince and beans for the kids. This is a hit too!

For the main course, I made Chocolate Chicken Empanadillas Mole. I was inspired to do this when my friend from Aussie and her Australian partner came to visit us here in New Zealand. They love Mexican dishes and as a part of their tour is to try and eat in a Mexican restaurant. My friend Jane had this Chocolate Chicken Empanadillas Mole and I got intrigued of how it tastes like. It’s actually good. If you love chocolate that much, this is a good try. It’s spicy and sweet at the same time. Yum!

And we also have tried Tex Mex Burritos. Yes, I made lots of food that day haha! My daughter Kiara enjoyed this so much that she ate one jumbo burrito that night. It’s a combination of beef mince and spicy sausage with spices and fresh lettuce.

Did you know that I declare “MY CAKE DAY” every 14th of the month. This is the day I bake a cake to celebrate it with family. It’s a way of thanksgiving to appreciate that I have my family with me to share the cake with. So, for dessert, I made Tres Leches Cake or Three Milk Cake. This is a total hit!!! I didn’t see the cake when I woke up the next morning! Totally delicious!

I will post the recipes of these 5 great Mexican foods in the next few days. Thanks for reading my post and have a nice day!

7 responses to “Mexican Dinner”

  1. wow, that's an awesome feast! after 14.75 years of being together (i think i got the calculation right? lol) it's wonderful that you still take the time to make the day super special! would love to know how you made that chocolate chicken empanadillas mole as well as the cake….will check back every so often to see if you've posted it already. :)thanks so much for sharing your anniversary celeb over at Food Friday, Katehappy weekend!


  2. 14 years and 9 months, wow…congratulations! i love your idea of celebrating it like a feast, lots of mexican foods and everything's yummy…love it! and yeah, the mussels that we tried was really good, hubby's an aussie and been to nz…so he knows its yummy! we love mexican foods so can't wait for your recipe. visiting late from FTF, sorry! thanks for your comment and have a great week. 🙂


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