Cafe on the Rock: Vegetarian Lasagne

One gloomy Monday on a school holiday, me and my family planned to go somewhere that the kids would enjoy. We decided to go to Crystal Mountain in Waitakere, Auckland.

We had so much fun spending our day with farm animals. My kids enjoyed seeing few chickens, rabbits, horses, llamas and goats. We rode the train around the farm to see those animals. K1 rode a pony which is actually a horse. It was awesome seeing her riding a horse, she looks so teenager. Her and her daddy rode the roller coaster which I don’t have plans on riding forever. We went to the museum and got amazed with all the crystals and rocks in the gallery. We are so fond of crystals and rocks, it is one of our family’s favorite things.

Until our tummy gets really rumbly. I thought hey, let’s have lunch in the cafe since it was raining outside. So we went to the cafe and got even more surprised to see a Filipino lady working there.

Cafe on the Rock is located inside the Crystal Mountain at 80 Candia Road Ranui, Waitakere. It is really nice and I love the extended outdoor section on the right where you could have a bit of a sunshine.

We ordered Vegetarian Lasagne which I totally love! Everything about it is so yummy! The vegetables, the cheese and the pasta and it blends so well with the coleslaw. I couldn’t believe a vegetable lasagne would make my day so happy.

And of course I would never pass the day without having a coffee. We ordered a Flat White, I know it sounds boring, but that’s what I love to drink that day, hehe! 😉 And I didn’t regret anything. I love i t.

happy eating,

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