Cafe Melba: Salmon Benedict

I had brunch with a friend in Cafe Melba at 135 Main Highway Ellerslie, Auckland the other day and we both ordered their Salmon Benedict. My Gawd! I so love their version of Salmon Benedict. The hollandaise sauce is so rich and tasty and it blends well with poached eggs and the crunchiness of the toasted English muffins. The salmon is so fresh which is sliced thinly that makes you bite for some more. I still can taste the freshness of the salmon after long hours of having them. Gosh, I want to make it at home next time.

I decided to have a tall macchiato since I have tasted this in Starbucks and besides others are very common and my friend Charm had a mochaccino. I regretted after several minutes and thought that I should have ordered cappuccino instead. Macchiato has a very strong kick… I love it though, don’t get me wrong, but then it was too much for me. I bet Charm enjoyed her mochaccino!  She finished her cup without any regrets hehe!

We had so much fun having a brunch in Cafe Melba, though I was a bit paranoid when the service girl is constantly asking us if we still need anything… did we stay there for long? Was I talking too loud? Hahaha! Paranoia kicks again in my wee little brain. Anyway, I didn’t notice at start that I was near the toilet area… that explains why there are a lot of people passing by my view hahaha! I thought it was the kitchen all the while… Anyway, it didn’t bother me at all. I reckon their toilet is clean because if it’s not then I should have been sneezing the whole time, hahaha!


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