Changing Smoking to Pregnancy

What are the effect of smoking in pregnancy?

Cigarette poisons reach your baby – They travel in the blood and cross the placenta.

Pregnancy may be cut short  – Early labor means a premature baby who may struggle to survive.

Lungs and airways are damaged – Damage to organs means the body cannot work so well.

Damage is hard to see – It does not show on ultra-sound scans or with our eyes. It shows as higher risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS (cot death), pneumonia, asthma, glue ear, etc.

Blood flow is slowed – Nicotine squeezes the blood vessels so less blood gets through.

Food and oxygen are cut back – This stunts growth and stifles development.

What are the benefits when you quit smoking?

Safer start to life – Safety goes up as smoking comes down. The less both parents smoke the more they protect their baby.

Safer choices – Your baby is safer if parents are free from tobacco, marijuana, alcohol and other drugs.

Better breastfeeding – Smokefree breastmilk means faster let-down, better supply and better nutrition for babies.

Proud feelings – Proud feelings replace guilt as you enjoy more freedom in your life.

Dads share responsibility – Babies of smokefree fathers are a safer weight at birth and have less risk of SIDS (cot death)

More money – Money goes up as smoking comes down e.g. ten smokes less a day in pregnancy leaves more than $1,400 for other things.

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