Filipino Pork Steak

I miss eating in a “Karinderya” or Cafe in English. Most of the cafes in my homeland, serve this dish. This recipe is best with beef. I remember that one order of pork steak is only 10 pesos or .85 US cents, how cheap, isn’t it? I have no idea how much it costs these days. I love it with lots of onions along side a very hot rice. Mmmm.. yum! 

My daughter loves this dish too, she thought I threw the pork steak away when she opened the rubbish bin the next day. She was furious and said “Why did you throw the pork steak away? It’s yum, I like it.” I told her that it was just a bone from last night’s dinner, then I promised that I would cook this again for her in a couple of weeks.

4-5 pork chops
1-2 tbsp calamansi or lemon juice
5 tbsp soy sauce
3 cloves garlic
thumb of ginger
1/2 cup water, or more if necessary
1-2 large onions, rings
4 tbsp oil
salt and pepper to taste

1. Combine calamansi or lemon juice, garlic, ginger, soy sauce and pepper. Add the pork chops and marinade for at least 30 minutes (overnight would be better).
2. Heat the pan then pour oil, add the marinated pork chops with marinade mixture then add 1/2 cup water or more if necessary, then cook slowly until done.
3. Add the onion rings and cook for 1-2 minutes.

Share and enjoy with family and friends!!!

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