Do Moms Ever Have Enough Rest?

Are you a Stay at Home Mom? If Y-E-S is your answer, then you’re not the only one. I am one of the struggling moms 24/7. “Stress” sticks with me and it doesn’t have any plans to leave.

Some of the questions we usually ask ourselves are, “Do we ever get finished the household chores?,” “Will I ever have time for myself?,” and “Am I loved or appreciated for all of these chores that I have been doing the whole day?” These are just some of our thoughts that usually pops out especially when we’re exhausted.

Have you ever feel that we never had time to rest?  These are some of the scenarios that we’re about to take a rest, but then, there are still a lot of things to be done at home. Leaving you so restless and very stressful during the day.

1. When we’re tired and we want to sit down for a cup of tea – but then, when we’re sitting down and about to sip our chamomile or jasmine tea, we thought all of a sudden that we still need to do household chores like; washing the dirty dishes, doing the laundry, vacuuming, making the beds, and cleaning the bathroom, etc.

2. When we want to take a nap while the baby is asleep during the day- but then, we suddenly thought of something important things like; paying bills, making an appointment with the doctor, and picking up kids from school, etc.

3. When we want to lay back and watch a movie at night while eating popcorn with hubby – but then, we still need to bathe the kids, brushed their teeth, read them bedtime stories, say their prayers, and put them to sleep.

4. When we’re about to go to sleep soundly at night – but then, kids have nightmares and want to sleep with us in our beds or the baby cried and wants some milk. 

Where is our rest time, you ask? Have you had a complete 8 hours of sleep since you became a mom?


Sometimes, I think that 24 hours a day isn’t enough for busy moms like us. There are a lot of things to do, but we don’t have ample time to do all those stuff. Why does it have to be like that?

I know some of you would say, it’s just about time management. We have to prioritize things that needs to be done first, so we’ll have more time for other things. I guess… yeah! Perhaps time management is the key to all these. So, let’s see…One tip that I have in mind right now is….

Make a To Do List/Checklist. It is helpful to have a list of to-do for the day. It keeps you on track. I noticed just the other day, that I tend to forget things easily. I wasn’t like that before. It’s like I was cleaning the bathroom and will forget about it once baby cries and wants a diaper change. So, it’s better to list everything that you need to do. Then tick or mark it, when you’re done with it. Stick your To Do List/Checklist on the fridge, so when hubby or  kids see that there are more chores that needs to be done, they might have the initiative to do it for you. We’ll be a happy mom when that happens, wouldn’t we?

More tips for you when I got the time to blog again. Till next time Mommies!!!

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