New Zealand Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips are New Zealand’s favorite takeaways. However, not all fish and chips have the same tastes. If you want to know where to find the best fish and chips ever in New Zealand, read on…

New Zealand started to love fish and chips takeaway since the beginning of forever.

Most Kiwis love their fish and chips battered and deep fried. They love fish and chips more than anything, it’s an absolute Kiwi favorite. It’s on top of the list when it comes to takeaways. Despite of the growing fast food chains of burger and pizza, fish and chips remain the most popular choice of takeaways.

The secret to a best fish and chips is the freshness of the fish. The more fresh the fish is, the more it is tastier. In the North Island, Kiwis prefer hoki and snapper, while in the South Island, gurnard and blue cod are the fish of choice.

It was originally from the UK in the mid of nineteenth century. The british loves fish and chips, and became a firm favorite. It continues to be a hit in New Zealand until today, not only for the Kiwis but for the visitors as well. Visitors see to it that they’ll have a bite of this yummy takeaway before they leave the country. That’s why, you can find a fish and chips shops almost every suburb. 

Thirty years ago, fish and chips are an expensive meal for everyone. However, recently, the cost of almost everything has increased, including the fish.

To really embrace the tradition, you can take it anywhere you pleased. It is wrapped in a large paper so the oil will be absorbed naturally, clever idea! You can eat it anywhere you like, perhaps in the beach, and enjoy eating it with family or friends. Don’t forget to save some for the seagulls, that’s their favorite too.  

The best fish and chips that has been rated so far is from the Northland. It’s in Waitiki Pub and Cafe and at the Cape Reinga Lighthouse.

As you can see in the photo, I made a little twist. Instead of using thick cut fries, I fried curly fries instead. Curly fries are my family’s favorite because of it’s distinct taste. And it reminds us home. It is seasonally serves at McDonald’s with burger and coke. Love ko to!

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