Kiwi Sausage

Hotdog is our favorite breakfast in the Philippines, it could be eaten with bread or with rice. My personal favorite is Tender Juicy Purefoods Hotdog. I love the regular or the jumbo one.

Here in New Zealand, we got used to eating Kiwi Sausages. At first, we didn’t like it, Oh well, what can I say, Purefoods Hotdog is the best and nothing can compare with it. But as time goes by, we some kinda like this sausage already. 

It is yummier when it’s grilled. But since we only have a charcoal grill, it would just be a bother for us to make the charcoal ignite and wait for a long time, just to eat one or two of it. It’s just a hassle. So, we just fry it in a pan. It doesn’t look good when it’s fried. The skin takes off and it looks like a plastic wrapping the sausages. I’m pretty sure though that it’s safe to eat, hehe!

So, in this post, I won’t be writing about the recipe of this Kiwi Sausage. I would just like to share a little family history on how it evolves our kitchen.

Hubby and I prefer to eat it with fried or grilled onions, but my daughter, Kiara doesn’t like it. We put mayonnaise and tomato sauce on top for great flavor. By the way, our favorite sausage so far is the Heller’s Pre-cooked Sausage and the Sizzlers Triple Cheese. Yum! Now, this makes me hungry!!!

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